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Date(s) - 4 May, 2023 - 4 Jun, 2023
9:30 am - 7:30 pm

Gallerie d'Italia



The exhibition “Amati Fiori 2023” (‘Beloved Flowers 2023’) intends to present to the public a selection of works from the artistic research that Mario Carrieri has been dedicating to the theme of the ‘tragic nature of human existence’ for over forty years. Large-scale works, including some previously unpublished ones, imagined as large stages on which flower-actors play out the tragedy of the fragility of beauty and the awareness of its transience. The exhibition is proposed on the occasion of the event “Orticola 2023” dedicated to the intelligence of flowers, from the title of the writing of Maurice Maeterlinck, Nobel Prize for literature in 1911. This year’s theme intends to focus on plants and flowers as living organisms and not just as ornaments, to capture their intelligence, their ability to adapt, grow and multiply. The exhibition is part of the FuoriOrticola 2023 programme.

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