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Date(s) - 15 Jul, 2022 - 11 Dec, 2022

Triennale Milano


About the Event

The 23rd International Exhibition at Triennale Milano, has been described by its President Stefano Boeri as “an opportunity for a collective and proactive reflection on the near future”. “Unknowns Unknowns” – this is the title of the exhibition – will attempt to answer a series of questions about what we still “don’t know” in various fields: from genetics to astrophysics, from the universe to the bottom of the oceans. The challenge of the pandemic that has affected all of humanity in recent years has also broadened the sphere of phenomena that we do not know and placed man in a state of fragility. Designers, architects, artists, playwrights and musicians will be involved in the debate. More than 40 countries will be represented through projects and works from different disciplines. And all the spaces of the Triennale will be animated by a constellation of exhibitions, installations and special projects. Curator of the event will be the astrophysicist Ersilia Vaudo and designer of the installation Francis Kéré.

Tickets and Information

For additional information, please check triennale.org

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