Now that you know about coffee shops offering big coffees and wi-fi, are you curious to find other cozy cafeterias to eat, drink, work, and plug in your laptop and, perhaps, your mind?

A map of these venues follows

1. Mercato del Duomo

If you’re strolling through the city center in search of a quiet yet central venue to work while sipping a coffee, you really have to take a visit to Mercato del Duomo. Set in front of the Duomo, this three-storeys polifunctional space hosts a shop at the second floor where you can find fruit, bread, cheese and, of course, coffee. Besides the American coffee, you really have to try “Cuccuma”, a typical Neapolitan coffee fresh-made by the kind staff. For those who need to use their laptop, the market offers free and unlimited wi-fi connection, as well as plugs to re-charge the computer; a cozy gourmet location featuring one of the best compromises between prices and high quality products.
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Address: Piazza del Duomo
GPS: 45.46481, 9.19022
Phone: 02 320626828
Public Transport: M1 (red line) – M3 (yellow line) Duomo
Open daily 8am-10am

2. Open

If you aim to find a location to study or work from the morning to the post aperitivo hour, Open seems designed for this purpose. This multifunctional space located near Porta Romana area was projected to host both a library and a cafeteria where its guests can find salty and sweet food as well as different types of coffee. All its inner tables are provided with plugs (thirty on the whole), to plug-in laptops as well as free wi-fi spots enabling to surf on the net, work or study. Its visitors particularly enjoy to drink a hot coffee sat on the wooden table by the window overlooking the street or also indulge in taking a look at the books on sale inside the cafeteria. You can’t really miss a visit!

Address: Viale Monte Nero, 6
GPS: 45.45288, 9.20331
Phone: 02 83425610
Public Transport: M3 (yellow line) Porta Romana
Open Mon-Fri 10am-9pm; Sat-Sun 10am-8pm.

3. Pavé

If you aim to feel at home even while sitting at a bar, Pavé is the right place for you! Set next to one of the most relevant areas for business, Corso Buenos Aires, this welcoming pastry shop boasts a wide choice of products, from freshly baked croissants and sweet delicacies to bread, fruit juices and, obviously, every kind of coffee. Open from the very morning to the evening, Pavé is also enjoyed for its comforts such as free wi-fi access without time restrictions, allowing its guests to work, study or relax and its at-home atmosphere.

Address: Via Felice Casati, 27
GPS: 45.47911, 9.20249
Phone: 02 94392259
Public Transport: M3 (yellow line) Repubblica, M1 (red line) Porta Venezia
Open Tue-Fri 8am-8pm; Sat-Sun 8.30am-7pm. Closed on Monday.

4. Santeria

All types of coffee, fresh fruit juices, home-made food and much more…this is just a tasting of what Santeria can offer! Set in Milan’s eastern area, this characteristic venue offers polyfunctional spaces working as a bar, as well as an exhibition sight and as a concept store; people sitting at its inner or outer tables can enjoy fresh-made delicacies and coffee-based products while surfing on the net or working using the cafeteria’s free wi-fi connection. Many electric plugs are at customer’s disposal at the bar’s interior for those who need to recharge their laptop, while others may particularly enjoy the relaxing tables in the garden.

Address: Via Ettore Paladini, 8

GPS: 45.46983, 9.23441
Phone: 02 36798121
Public Transport: M2 (green line) Piola
Open Tue-Sun 11am-10.30pm. Closed on Monday.