Historic Italian coffee house Lavazza has opened its first flagship store in piazza San Fedele in the heart of Milan. A space where coffee lovers can sample an authentic espresso and innovative coffee-based recipes.
Four themed areas centred around one single ingredient – coffee. Situated just steps from the Galleria and La Scala, between Palazzo Marino and the 16th-century church of San Fedele, the new Lavazza flagship store is located in one of downtown Milan’s most elegant areas. This beautifully designed space offers four different experiential options: a café where visitors can sample an authentic espresso, a ‘Slow Coffee’ area allowing visitors to experience different types of coffee extraction systems, a ‘Fresh Roasted’ area where the coffee is toasted and blended on the spot, and the ‘Coffee Design’ area where this magical ingredient becomes the star player of innovative recipes and infusions, presented like a cooking show. Throughout the day, from breakfast onwards, this unique space offers customers an array of spectacular gastronomic delights including mousses, coffee caviar, cocktails and unexpected solid specialties. Coffee, the key theme of the store’s interior décor, is reflected in the warm brown shades of the furnishings and by a stunning chandelier featuring cascades of light formed by more than 600 dazzling bean-shaped drops. The entire store is infused with iconic Italian style that is reflected in the aroma and taste of the coffee, and in the choice of materials and finishes. It is the result of a partnership between Lavazza and some of Italy’s leading designers. And, the interiors are characterized further by the eyecatching designs of gourmet illustrator Gianluca Biscalchin, whose whimsical, contemporary view comes to life in several specially commissioned installations on the walls.
Piazza San Fedele 2
M1 (red line)- M3 (yellow line) Duomo

>> www.lavazza.com/en