Located in the heart of the Tortona district, a major hub of Milanese creativity, Alfresco is a charming
green space where high-class cuisine meets the pleasure of convivial dining.

A view of the veranda/greenhouse

For those wishing to enjoy the traditional flavours of high-class Italian food in peaceful, convivial surroundings, Alfresco merges authentic cuisine with a unique ambience. Housed in an old reconverted industrial warehouse in the heart of the Tortona district, standout features at this unique venue include an airy veranda/greenhouse, a charming garden surrounded by magnificent plants, including wisteria, cherry blossoms and roses, and an open-plan kitchen that turns out fresh bread, desserts and time-honoured dishes.
A go-to address for nature lovers and those in search of relaxation, Alfresco is not simply a restaurant, but an exhibition space and a hub of creativity, where people can share their passion for culinary and artistic delights. As its sign suggests, Alfresco is a place where people and cuisine meet. A unique restaurant where executive chef Nicola Delfino draws upon his longstanding experience to serve creative dishes using only the finest produce. The results are authentic flavours of Italian gastronomic tradition featuring starters such as ‘carbonara ubriaca’ (drunken carbonara), spaghetti ‘cacio e pepe’ and ‘amatriciana’, and main course fish dishes such as tuna ‘tataki’. Those wishing to titillate their palates with an hors d’oeuvre should start with the chef’s delectable buttered codfish patties or eye-catching ’orto di Manù’, a miniature ‘vegetable garden’ just waiting to be savoured. To end your meal on a high note, make sure to indulge in one of the restaurant’s delectable homemade desserts, including Tiramisù, Torta Caprese (a flourless chocolate and almond cake) or a re-engineered version of a Sicilian cannolo. This summer, Alfresco has good news for its customers: breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, from 9am to 11pm and the opening of its beautiful terrace, for an exclusive champagne and oyster aperitivo!
Closed on Monday. Kitchen hours: lunch (12.30pm-2.30pm), dinner (7.30pm-10.30pm).
Via Savona, 50
M2 (green line) Porta Genova FS

External links: www.alfrescomilano.it