The new Ricci Osteria is born from the desire of chefs Antonella Ricci and Vinod Sookar to bring their signature cuisine to Milan. Antonella Ricci’s cuisine originated in Apulia, thanks to her experience in the family’s historic restaurant “Al Fornello da Ricci” that was awarded a prestigious Michelin star for years, and grew up travelling the world and at the school of great chefs. Vinod Sookar, born in the Republic of Mauritius, worked as executive chef at “Al Fornello da Ricci” in Apulia. He has cultivated in parallel the cuisine of his country of origin (under the banner of fish, fruits and spices) and that of Apulia, whose ingredients and tradition he has embraced.
Concrete and executed with ingredients from local producers respecting the raw material, the cuisine of Ricci Osteria represents the winning understanding of Antonella and Vinod, a couple in life before being a professional couple. It is up to them and the resident chef Francesco Bordone to bring the colours and flavours of Puglia to the table.
Ricci is first and foremost an “Osteria”, where guests feel at home and savour a “tasty simplicity – as Antonella likes to repeat – on which the Mediterranean sun shines”.
On the menu you can breathe in the air of Apulia, from the appetisers to the fish and meat dishes, from the selected raw materials that enhance the territory (the ingredients are locally produced), to Antonella and Vinod’s signature recipes.
As for the atmosphere of the restaurant, the ambience evokes in a small but elegant space the style of Apulian masserias, re-proposing the colours of the countryside with rusty earth tones and olive leaf green. Even the restaurant’s mise en place evokes that simplicity sought in the kitchen, with a pleasant little dehors seating 14 in the shade of flowers and parasols.