The new restaurant Locale near Piazza Sempione offers only artisanal excellence produced around Milan, to rediscover a territory and reinterpret it in the kitchen. A “local” cuisine in name and in fact, somewhere between tradition and experimentation, with a menu that is renewed every week according to what local producers have available. “Locale” is in fact named after its philosophy because it has chosen to collaborate only with small local producers. All the producers the restaurant sources from have a strong passion for Italian food and wine, linked to the land and traditions, but also to research and innovation, as well as sustainability.

Locale was born from an idea of Veronica Pagani and Gaetano Spadoni precisely with the aim of restoring value to small local realities, which do not follow intensive production, but the rhythm of the seasons and what nature offers, rediscovering the territory and reinterpreting it in the kitchen.
Locale’s menu includes a wide variety of vegetables from the Ticino Agricultural Park Consortium, as well as a selection of high-quality meat from animals bred and fed in the Milanese hinterland. Accompanying the courses is a rich beverage proposal, which perfectly reflects the dynamic and enterprising spirit of Milan: from the experimental wines Rukh and Theia by Nove Lune to the exclusive labels Lanthano and B Riserva by Giorgio Mercandelli.
At weekends it is also possible to enjoy an appetising picnic in Parco Sempione. Locale in fact signs a wicker basket with a wide selection of cold cuts from three different meats, cheeses made from goat, sheep, cow and buffalo milk, a vegetable quiche and, to finish, a dessert.