The Dry Aged restaurant brings something new to Milan: a taste experience that focuses on experimentation with maturation and maceration, modern cooking techniques mixed with ancient wisdom, but with a northern European feel. The kitchen offers traditional dishes revisited in a creative version and lots of meat, from tartare to ribs, but also a great culture of fish and vegetables.

Located in the centre of Milan, between Sant’Ambrogio and Corso Genova, this informal venue welcomes guests in three settings: the New York bar with a social table, the room with a view of the wine cellar, which can also be booked as a private room (one of the few rooms available for at least 14 people in Milan), and the room with an open kitchen.

The interior design is striking, with the neon sign that welcomes guests into the dining room reading “Life is Beautiful”: a statement that conveys the mood of the two young entrepreneurs who conceived this new restaurant project, chef Matteo Ferrario and maitre and sommelier Stefano Carenzi.

As well as tartare and ribs, Dry Aged’s signature dishes include “Mondeghili della tradizione”; “Spaghetto ai 3 pomodori”; “Risotto alla Milanese” made in the Dry Aged manner; “Entraña alle braci”; the inevitable Tiramisu and other mouth-watering desserts. The wine cellar is of a high standard, including a selection of natural and biodynamic wines.