Milanese Tasting Highlights
Here we offer you a sneak preview of several of the most interesting locations featuring the best of Italy’s culinary tradition. Don’t miss several tips from chefs and sommeliers. Bon appétit!
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Asola|Cucina Sartoriale – A new gourmet destination for the lovers of haute cuisine on the ninth floor of the The Brian&Barry Building|SanBabila. This is the temple of Chef Matteo Torretta who interprets gourmet Italian cuisine in a contemporary, international key.
Open daily 12pm-3pm/7pm-11pm
c/o The Brain&Barry Building, Via Durini, 28. T: +39 02 92853303.
Bice – Iconic Milanese restaurant renowned for its exquisite cuisine. A culinary haunt of the fashion crowd and a must-visit stopover for stars.
Open daily except on Sunday at dinner.
Via Borgopesso, 12. T: +39 02 76002572/795528.
Briciola (La) – A refined, elegant ambience, outstanding Mediterranean cuisine and a wine cellar boasting several of the finest vintages.
Open 12.30am- 3pm/7.30pm-11pm. Closed on Sunday and on Monday at lunch.
Via Solferino, 25. T: +39 02 6551012.
La Champagnerie – Elegant, though informal with a charming garden. A mix of traditional and avant garde cuisine.
Open 12am-3pm/7pm-midnight. Closed on Saturday at lunch.
Via M. Macchi, 2. T: +39 02 6693174/6693771.
Giacomo (Da) – Set against a romantic backdrop, it offers a prevalently fish-based menu and a wide selection of fine wines.
Open daily 12.30am-2.30pm/7.30pm- 11.30pm.
Via P. Sottocorno, 6. T: +39 02 76023313.
Giacomo Arengario – A tribute to Art Déco set within a unique location: the Museo del Novecento. For a stunning panoramic view over the Duomo.
Open daily 12am-12pm.
Via G. Marconi, 1. T: +39 02 72093814.
Giacomo bistrot – Ideal for a pre-or post-cinema/theatre meal in an ambience where the decorative mood brings to mind the decor of times gone by.
Open daily 12am-12pm.
Via P. Sottocorno, 6. T: +39 02 76022653.
Hana Restaurant – An ideal location to savour the refined tastes of Japanese food, highlighted by hints of fusion cuisine from the 60’s onwards.
Closed on Sun and on Mon at lunch.
Corso Vercelli, 37 corner of Via P. Giovio, 1. T: +39 02 48197213.
La Malmaison – This sophisticated eatery is perfect option for a special occasion to share with your loved ones, but also an ideal choice for a classy business lunch.
Open daily 8pm-12pm.
Via Comune Antico, 27. T: +39 02 67101302.
La Rena – Located just three minutes from the Duomo, it offers a menu divided between traditional Mediterranean fish specialties and the chef’s exclusive creations.
Closed on Sat at lunch and on Sun.
Via Festa del Perdono, 1. T: +39 02 76281274.
Il Cestino. This is the ideal place for a romantic, candlelit dinner. A great choice to savour signature fish dishes in the heart of old Milan.
Open daily noon-midnight.
Via Madonnina, 27. T: +39 02 86460146.
> Taverna del Borgo Antico. The jewel in the crown of this eatery is the largest outdoor garden in the district, sheltered and heated in winter and open in summer. Make sure to sample its awesome Neapolitan pizza.
Open daily noon-midnight.
Via Madonnina, 27. T: +39 02 86461186.
> Antica Locanda del Tavolino. A wide selection of meat dishes, carefully chosen and cooked on the venue’s open-plan grill.
Open daily noon-midnight.
Via G. Fara, 23. T: +39 02 6703520.
> Osteria delle Corti. Renowned for its old-world dishes since 1992, this venue offers a wellbalanced blend of traditional fare and haute cuisine.
Open daily noon-midnight.
Via G.B. Fauché, 11. T: +39 02 33105753.