Milanese Tasting Highlights
Here we offer you a sneak preview of several of the most interesting locations featuring the best of Italy’s culinary tradition. Don’t miss several tips from chefs and sommeliers. Bon appétit!
ACANTO—The five star restaurant at the Hotel Principe di Savoia is renowned for its impeccable cuisine, a fresh, wholly Milanese alternative to standard dining. Chef Fabrizio Cadei specializes in classics cooked with an ingenious twist. The chef’s creativity is also expressed in the surprising presentation of his dishes.
Open daily 7pm-11pm.
Piazza della Repubblica, 17. T: +39 02 62302026
BERTI (DA)—An oasis of unexpected peace and elegance immersed in lush, green surroundings in the centre of Milan. Four large dining rooms with exposed timbers and wall decorations of times gone by, the restaurant offers diners a large frescoed veranda overlooking a marvellous century-old garden. Da Berti offers typical Milanese cuisine including classic standout dishes such as “risotto alla milanese” and “risotto al salto”, tripe or “busecca”, “Magnum alla Berti” (ossobuco with risotto), Lombardy-style escalopes and the city’s famed breaded veal cutlet.
Open 12am-2pm/8pm-10.30pm. Closed on Saturday at lunch and on Sunday.
Via Algarotti, 20. T: +39 02 6694627.
BICE—More than a restaurant, Bice is an iconic Milanese restaurant renowned for its exquisite cuisine. A culinary haunt of the fashion crowd and a must-visit stopover for stars and visiting heads of state. This historic venue, established in 1926, has upgraded its menu with four, high-quality, “fast” proposals: Mediterraneo (pasta), Light (fish), Vegetarian and Meat, featuring favourites like “bistecca alla fiorentina” or classic Milanese steak.
Open daily except on Sunday at dinner.
Via Borgopesso, 12. T: +39 02 76002572/795528.
BRICIOLA (LA)—A refined, elegant ambience, outstanding Mediterranean cuisine and respect for traditions, a wine cellar boasting several of the finest labels and, last but not least, a warm, welcoming atmosphere: this is what make La Briciola an exclusive Club – a home from home. Feast on the best of Mediterranean cuisine with a decidedly contemporary twist.
Open 12.30am-3pm/7.30pm- 11pm. Closed on Sunday and on Monday at lunch.
Via Solferino, 25. T: +39 02 6551012.
CAVALLINI—Recently subjected to a makeover, the elegant, though informal Antica Osteria Cavallini, is now back on the culinary map. The restaurant boasts a charming garden, filled with coloured orchids, gardenias and lemon trees that create a welcoming atmosphere and offer diners an unusual touch of green in the heart of downtown Milan. A combination of old-world charm and innovation meld in a mix of traditional and avant garde cuisine, with particular emphasis on the search for fresh, seasonal ingredients and authentic flavours.
Open 12am-3pm/7pm-midnight. Closed on Saturday at lunch.
Via M. Macchi, 2. T: +39 02 6693174/6693771.
CELLINI (AL)—Set within an elegant ambience, in the vicinity of the highly central piazza Cinque Giornate, the restaurant is patronized by a demanding clientele that loves good food and unique atmospheres. The venue is renowned for its tantalizing, rigorously fresh, fish-based dishes including its platter of raw seafood specialities, its tuna and sea bass tartare and its “seafood carbonara-style paccheri ” considered the restaurant’s signature dish.
Open daily (except on Saturday at lunch) 12am-3pm/7.30pm-11.30pm.
Via B. Cellini, 19. T: +39 02 76024484.
CORIANDOLO (IL)—Located in the heart of Milan, Il Coriandolo offers diners an elegant, pleasant atmosphere for a relaxed dinner with friends. A good venue for a post-theatre/cinema dinner or a light business lunch. Its upscale Italian menu offers fish-based and seafood dishes, which arrive fresh every morning, as well as a wide choice of typically Milanese entrees and main courses.
Open daily 9.30am-3pm/7pm-1.30am.
Via Dell’Orso, 1. T: +39 02 8693273.
DON LISANDER—Fashionable restaurant in the heart of Milan. An elegant atmosphere and impeccable service. Traditional Lombardy and regional Italian cuisine.
Via A. Manzoni, 12/A. T: +39 02 76020130.
EAT’S BISTRO—Very high quality food in the new luxury concept Excelsior Milano. Excelsior Milano in Galleria del Corso 4.
Open daily 12am-3pm/7.30pm-12pm.
T: +39 02 76280614.
GENTE DI MARE—A perfect meld of French charm and classic Mediterranean influences. The emphasis is on simple dishes prepared with fresh, genuine produce, where the chef shows off his winning ways with classic seafood dishes flavoured with delightfully scented herbs, aromas and vegetables to accentuate their taste.
Open 12am-2.20pm/7pm-11.30pm. Closed on Sunday.
Bastioni di Porta Volta, 5. T: +39 02 29005823.
GIACOMO (DA)—Set against a romantic backdrop reminiscent of old early 20th century Milanese “trattorie”, Da Giacomo off ers a prevalently fish-based menu inc. tuna, prawns, crab and sea-bass which can be selected straight from the display case at the entrance, as a tangible sign of the freshness of the food served. All dishes are accompanied by a wide selection of fine wines. In season, visitors can also savour dishes flavoured with the white truffles of Alba, porcini mushrooms and Caesar’s mushrooms.
Open daily 12.30am-2.30pm/7.30pm-11.30pm.
Via P. Sottocorno, 6. T: +39 02 76023313.
GIACOMO ARENGARIO—A tribute to Art Déco set within a unique location: the Museo del Novecento. From the top floor of the building which hosts a precious art collection, the restaurant is the latest creation of patron Giacomo Bulleri and his family, already well-known restaurateurs in Milan, where visitors can savour the delectable delicacies of Giacomo’s rich menu boasting highly sought-after dishes, but also lighter ones for a quick lunch, with a stunning panoramic view over the Duomo.
Open daily 12am-12pm.
Via G. Marconi, 1. T: +39 02 72093814.
GIACOMO BISTROT—Ideal for a pre-or post-cinema/ theatre meal in an ambience where the decorative mood brings to mind the decor of times gone by. Sophistication made simple is the motto here and it doesn’t disappoint. Quick, standout dishes include meat and game with the addition of Parisian bistrottype food such as oysters and truffles accompanied by champagne.
Open daily 12am-12pm.
Via P. Sottocorno, 6. T: +39 02 76022653
GRIGLIAMANIA— Tasty though simple meatbased menu.
Open daily, 12am-2.30pm/7pm-11.30pm.
Piazza Sire Raúl, 4. T: +39 02 2846261.
MAMMA ROSA—At this restaurant you can taste outstanding delicacies of Italian regional cuisine, with a menu that offers exclusively seasonal meat or fish-based menus. The restaurant’s pride and joy is its cellar, a real museum dedicated to wine. Its cellar master will be more than happy to take you on an enriching tour in order to enlighten you about the restaurant’s impressive selection of more than one thousand wines.
Closed on Sunday.
Piazza Cincinnato, 4. T: +39 02 84571125.
MONTECRISTO—A historic reference point for clientele that loves fresh fish.
Open Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun 12.10am-2.30pm/7.10pm- 11.30pm. Closed on Tues and on Sat at lunch.
Corso Sempione 28, corner of via Prina, 17. T: +39 02 312760/3495049.
PAPER MOON—Elegant venue for a preor post-cinema/theatre meal.
Open Mon-Sat 12.30am-5pm/7.30pm-12pm. Closed on Sun.
Via Bagutta, 1. T: +39 02 76022297.
RISACCA 6 (LA)—For more than thirty years, La Risacca 6 has confirmed its status as one of the city’s best seafood places. Set within one of Milan’s oldest districts, its sophisticated, vibrant cuisine is distinguished by the outstanding quality of its wonderfully fresh, seasonal fish. In fact, house specialities vary according to the catch of the day and range from “tagliolini with prawns and zucchini flowers” to “Gragnano-style paccheri and linguine”.
Open 12.30am-2.30pm/7.30pm-11pm. Closed on Sunday and on Monday at lunch.
Via Marcona, 6 (corner of via Cellini). T: +39 02 55181658/5468041.
RISTORANTE GIANNINO—One of the oldest restaurants in Milan, Giannino is a favourite haunt of the Milanese jet-set and offers a rich menu in keeping with the venue’s age-old tradition, including signature dishes such as veal kidneys cooked in olive oil with garlic and parsley or “cotoletta alla Milanese,” but also lighter menus for a quick business lunch.
Open daily, 12am- 3pm/7pm-11.30pm.
Via V. Pisani, 6. T: +39 02 66986998.
RISTORANTE SOLFERINO—Since 1909, traditional Milanese cuisine in the heart of Brera.
Open daily.
Via Castelfidardo, 2. T: +39 02 29005748.
SADLER—Claudio Sadler is an internationally renowned two-Michelin star chef whose enormous creativity and culinary innovation are expressed in the various menus on offer. An ongoing quest in search of regional traditions, with particular emphasis on freshly sourced, seasonal ingredients that change according to his creative mood and the season in question.
Open 7.30pm- 11pm. Closed on Sunday.
Via A. Sforza, 77. T: +39 02 58104451.
VERANDA (LA)—Tradition, innovation, creativity, signed by master chef Sergio Mei at the extra-luxurious restaurants. Four Seasons Hotel Milano.
Open daily 8am-11pm.
Via Gesù 6/8. T: +39 02 77081478. www.
VUN— Extremely intimate atmosphere for a truly unique gastronomic experience with chef Andrea Aprea. The restaurant has recently been awarded its first Michelin star.
Open Mon-Fri 12.30am-2.30pm/7.30pm- 10.30pm. Sat 7.30pm-10.30pm.
Via S. Pellico,3. T:+39 02 88211350.