A “must-visit” address for real connoisseurs in search of innovation, taste and tradition in Milan’s newest, most trendiest district.
Chef Andrea Berton has recently opened his new, own-name restaurant in the futuristic Porta Nuova Varesine district, the new urban project serving as an emblem of the “new metropolitan Milan”. The ultra-modern aspects of its context, the attention to environmental sustainability and the rigorous, linear aesthetics of its buildings, mirror the foundations of his minimalist, elegant cuisine featuring instantly recognizable, prime ingredients where the creative choice focuses on the evolution rather than the uprooting of tradition. The choice made by Berton is by no means random! Even the interiors of the restaurant reflect the chef’s personality and philosophy. The stark architectural ambience of the location has been softened and tweaked with the addition of several touches apparent in the use of materials (paper, wood, cement and metal), structural shapes and the venue’s colour scheme (featuring muted dove grey tones) which convey a strict sense of elegance and discipline, to create a warm, intimate atmosphere which though focusing on a “no-frills” concept nevertheless holds a scenic surprise in store for those crossing its threshold.
Modern dishesChef Berton's "modern dishes"
Each dish prepared by Chef Andrea Berton underscores the supreme quality of flavour, thanks to the use of avant-garde culinary techniques. The emphasis is on “modern dishes” that highlight several often unknown ingredients. The menu also offers a quicker, less expansive formula for lunch and a larger one for dinner, with two tasting menus.

 Stefania Vida

Viale della Liberazione, 13
M2 Gioia