The appeal of tradition

This farmhouse, boasting a centuries-old history, started life as a castle in 1380. The town of Trezzano sul Naviglio, in the southern suburbs of Milan, grew up around the castle over the years. This historic site that now hosts the picturesque Osteria del Ponte restaurant, saw different incarnations over the centuries: a monastery, aristocratic homes, an inn, a butcher’s, and finally a trattoria. The building was recently renovated without altering its earliest origins. The restaurant’s Provencale furniture and shabby-chic decor, make for a versatile space suited to all occasions, including family lunches, romantic dinners, business meetings and weddings. Although its menu features traditional Milanese dishes like Mondeghilli (meatballs), Risotto alla Milanese with Creamed Roast Bone Marrow and Cotoletta alla Milanese (the ‘Orecchia d’Elefante’ version), Executive Chef Simone Zanon, a native of the Veneto region, reveals his roots with several regional offerings including Parmigiana di Biete and Coste (Swiss Chard Parmesan), and a Fried Dumpling stuffed with Pheasant served with a ‘Peverada’ sauce (created using cold cut dry salami and giblets). The pasta, breadsticks and desserts are all homemade.

How to get there?

Staying in the centre, but don’t know how to reach the restaurant? If the waterway isn’t dry, you can arrive by boat, via the Naviglio. Although this service is mostly used for weddings or events, you can book it through organizations like Navigare l’Adda which arrange transfers departing from the Darsena.

Via Vittorio Veneto, 22
Trezzano sul Naviglio [14km from Milan]
T: +39 02 4455637