Panino Giusto, Corso Garibaldi – Opened on 8 February 1979, it was, in fact, here that the history of Milanese brand Panino Giusto began. In particular, at its Corso Garibaldi location, customers can soak up the informal though refined atmosphere that has distinguished the world of Panino Giusto for more than 35 years and enjoy an experience that stylishly combines the values of tradition with innovation. Here you can savour the most famous Panini in Milan: “express delicacies” prepared on the spot using only the freshest, premium-quality ingredients. Panino Giusto in Corso Garibaldi is the ideal spot for those who love the unmistakable taste of artisanal, Made-in-Italy flavours.
Open daily, noon – 1am.

Corso Garibaldi, 125 (Corso Como district)
T: +39 02 6554728

Panino Giusto, Colonne San Lorenzo – Opened in November 2013, the Largo Carrobbio venue is one of the latest additions to the Panino Giusto family. Furnished with natural materials including oak and walnut, marble, iron and bronze, not only does it highlight the essence and tradition of Panino Giusto but simultaneously captures the brand’s new philosophy to achieve global standing. Open daily from 12-noon to 1am at night and offering free Wi-Fi access, the Largo Carrobbio restaurant is a cutting-edge foodie hotspot. A place where, thanks to its relaxed, friendly atmosphere you can pause for a breather and savour the artisanal taste of Panini at all times of the day. Panini that have sealed the success of Panino Giusto for more than 30 years including Giusto, Tartufo, Garibaldino or Diplomatico.
Open daily, noon – 1am.

Corso di Porta Ticinese 1, corner of Largo Carrobbio
T: +39 02 25060672

Panino Giusto, Porta Venezia offers the exclusive taste of a gourmet pit-stop, set against one of the city’s most appealing backdrops: Palazzo Liberty in via Malpighi, a cult destination for lovers of Art Nouveau especially in its specific Italian stylistic meaning of the word. From 12-noon to 1am, enjoy a quintessentially Italian experience, both in its spacious outdoor area as well as inside its dining rooms, boasting an elegant though laid-back atmosphere, where you can savour the best Panini in the city, the result of recipes developed using only the highest quality ingredients, typical of Italy’s culinary culture, updated with a fast&casual contemporary twist.
Open daily, noon – 1am.

Via Malpighi, 3
T: +39 02 29409297

Panino Giusto, Borgogna – More than any other, its new via Borgogna location, the latest addition to the Panino Giusto chain, located just a stone’s throw from the Quadrilatero della Moda, reflects the relationship between the powerful gastronomic tradition of Panino Giusto – an ambassador of Italian gourmet panini throughout the world – with the quest for innovation, shown in the contemporary style of its décor, curated by a renowned Catalan design studio. Simultaneously welcoming, elegant and informal, with a great view over the heart of the city, Panino Giusto Borgogna is a cult address where discerning foodies can stop in and savour the taste of top-notch Made in Italy ingredients.
Open daily, 11.30am – 1am.

Via Borgogna, 5
T: +39 02 25061005 


IL TARTUFO. The Leone d’Oro par excellence

The five Leoni d’Oro, Panino Giusto’s flagship Panini deserve a special nomination on account of their goodness. Among these, the Tartufo is the best seller. Created to seduce even the most discerning palates, it is a Panino that combines the unmistakable flavour of white truffle oil with another rarity: Parma ham aged for 24 months in the green hills of Langhirano. A supreme culinary delight, dedicated to all food connoisseurs who understand the rules of good living and enjoy being won over by intense, unexpected flavours.

Giusto, Panino Giusto

GIUSTO. The pioneering Panino of taste

The five Leoni d’Oro, Panino Giusto’s flagship Panini deserve a special nomination on account of their goodness. Among these, Giusto is the brand’s namesake. A pioneer of its times and already a nonconformist in 1979, it owes its success to its recipe which combines cooked Prague ham – deliciously soft and flavourful on account of being lightly smoked over beechwood – with tomatoes, mozzarella, anchovies and mustard. Anchovies and mustard are two strong, intense flavours: a winning match for a Panino “Giusto” for more than 30 years!

Panino Giusto, il Garibaldino

GARIBALDINO. A Panino that pays tribute to Italy

The 5 panini best-loved by fans of Panino Giusto have won a special nomination. Boasting a clear reference to the company’s iconic brand, they are now proudly defined as Leoni d’Oro. Among these, boasting all the attributes of its heroic namesake, the “Garibaldino”, dedicated to the first venue established in Corso Garibaldi in 1979, in the heart of the Brera district, embodies the best of Italian culinary tradition: mozzarella from Campania, tomatoes, bresaola valtellinese seasoned with refined spices and fresh rocket, a real tribute to the Italian flag, sandwiched between two slices of fragrant bread.

Sadler, Panino Giusto

A designer Panino signed by none other than… Chef Claudio Sadler!

For the first time, Panino Giusto’s panini, already famed for the quality of their raw materials, their pairings and the generosity of their ingredients, have been enhanced by the recipes of a renowned, Michelin-starred chef. In fact, Claudio Sadler has created the concept of the Cooked Panino exclusively for Panino Giusto. The idea is to imbue the panino with the experience and secrets of haute cuisine, a technique used in the creation of “Sud” and “Armonia”, involving special marinades and slow-cooked meat which is then combined with other premium quality ingredients. Another example is the brand’s “Tra I due” panino, inspired by an exhibition on the history of the panino mouted at the Accademia Panino Giusto, which pairs irresistible time-honoured flavours with ultra-modern tastes.
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