Since 1883, Peck has been a symbol of high-quality gastronomy. Over a century ago, it was just a shop selling delicious things to eat. However, although it has remained connected to its historic address in via Spadari, just steps from the Duomo, over time, it grew and became a reference point for the Milanese and visiting gourmets. But, like all renowned establishments, Peck knows that interpreting the present is the only way to remain true to its history, and for this reason, this fabulous delicatessen opened another branch in the city. Following the tradition of its prime position in the shadow of the Duomo, it was only logical to choose another equally prestigious location, with a view over the Tre Torri designed by archistars Arata Isozaki, Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid.

The three sides of Peck

The new Peck is located inside the striking CityLife Shopping District and, as its manager Leone Marzotto likes to say, it has three personalities: “A deli shop, a wine shop with a cocktail bar and a picturesque restaurant”. It offers two alternatives. A quicker formula (including the option of eating near the counter, while sitting at whimsical pull-out tables), or a more formal dining experience featuring an interesting à la carte menu with a breathtaking view over the towers. Its gastronomic products and wines come from the kitchens and fabulously stocked wine cellars of its via Spadari venue. What distinguishes it from other restaurants or bars, is not its location in the food court but its raised outdoor space.

Piazza Tre Torri (CityLife Shopping District)
M5 (purple line) Tre Torri
T: +39 02 36642660

Open daily 9am-11pm