Tucked away in the picturesque neighbourhood of Brera, Ristorante Daniel offers connoisseurs of fine-dining classics of contemporary Italian cuisine. The open-view kitchen is one of the first things that strikes diners when they enter the restaurant. Renowned chef Daniel Canzian, who helms Ristorante Daniel, recently became a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs Italy Association. His versatile menu, inspired by the seasons, embodies the canons of traditional Italian cuisine upgraded with a twist. Daniel enjoys simplifying his cuisine by removing everything he feels isn’t essential for either the taste or balance of his creations. He prefers to focus on tradition. Although several of his dishes are timeless, many others are modified on a monthly basis, offering diners the chance to enjoy something new from day to day.
[Photo credits: copyright Davide Dutto]
Via San Marco corner of via Castelfidardo
M2 (gren line) Lanza
T: +39 02 63793837

Extrenal links: www.danielcanzian.com