The history of the most famous sliced pizza in Milan and much more! In spite of its international success, Spontini has remained faithful to its origins: a Milanese heart with a global vision!
“I’m the third generation heir of a Milanese ‘bottega’; the grandson of Tuscan immigrants who, day after day, built up a business that has now become an empire. Today, Spontini is ‘the pizza’ in Milan and an important part of the history of the city,” explains Spontini’s CEO Massimo Innocenti (see below picture).

Massimo Innocenti, Spontini’s CEO

Established in 1953, the business has grown rapidly, spreading its tentacles not only throughout the city but elsewhere. So, what is the secret of its enormous success? “The product is the cornerstone of our success, enhanced by the choice of high-quality ingredients, quick service, professionalism, competitive prices and a versatile clientele,” says Innocenti, summing up the characteristics that have made Spontini the ‘most famous sliced pizza in Milan’.
”The brand’s loyal following, of Milanese locals and tourists, is proof of this, and Spontini is a go-to destination when visiting the city.  Spontini represents an important part of the history of Milan, and like the city, it has grown rapidly. The first Pizzeria Spontini was established in the 1950s in a small shop located in via Spontini, just off Corso Buenos Aires. In 1953, the Banti family’s Tuscan rotisserie, “Cibi Cotti”, was transformed into a pizzeria selling pizza by the slice, one of the first of its kind in Milan.
“Like the city, the brand has grown and expanded. It now boasts 20 locations with the last one in Bergamo city centre, including Spontini (its more traditional option characterised by the brand’s red hallmark sign and tables and chairs), and Spontini Point (distinguished by a black sign and a formula based on eating oven-hot pizza while standing at the counter)… and a new delivery service! Spontini will soon have a total of 25 locations, possibly more, with openings at airports (Malpensa-Terminal 1), stations (Stazione Centrale) and the cities of Bergamo (Città Alta), and Como.
The brand also plans to open other branches in Trivento (Venice, Verona and Vicenza), Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lazio (Rome), but also Japan where its two Shibuya and Harajuku locations are soon to be flanked by others”. The best way to discover the secret of Spontini’s incredible success is to visit it in person!
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