A Parisian bistro atmosphere, vintage style and in Milan’s most romantic neighbourhood. Fioraio Bianchi Caffè in Brera is a treasure trove of good taste and tranquillity, a truly unique place in the city where time seems to stand still. It is located in Via Montebello, just a few steps from the Pinacoteca di Brera where beauty is at home. With its unmistakable style, it is definitely worth a stop during a walk through the narrow streets of the city’s most bohemian district.

Founded over 50 years ago by Raimondo Bianchi as a floral arrangement workshop, Fioraio Bianchi has transformed itself over the years into one of the city’s most chic cafés. It is no longer just an exclusive flower shop, but a small bistro in the city centre where you can enjoy a lunch break or simply a coffee or an aperitif. An intimate place, with a few small wooden tables that encourage conversation away from the hectic pace of the city. All the floral compositions found in the place, scattered here and there among the tables, can be purchased and custom-made ones can also be requested.

At Fioraio Bianchi Caffè, the scents of flowers mingle with the flavours of the dishes, because people also come here for breakfast, lunch, a snack or an aperitif. For a snack, don’t miss the shortbread biscuits and homemade cakes, if you like sweet flavours; alternatively, crèpes, mini sandwiches and savoury pies. All accompanied by tea, coffee, hot chocolate or fruit juices.The cuisine is rooted in Italian and French tradition, with a contemporary twist. The Fioraio menu follows the seasonality of the products, to offer dishes that are always new, alongside a carefully selected wine list.Fioraio Bianchi Caffè also offers the possibility of recreating the enchanted atmosphere of the Fioraio for private or corporate events, on site and elsewhere, enriched by its unmistakable floral setting.