Peck is a unique gourmet gem, stemming in 1883 from the heart of Milan. This is a culinary landmark with a cozy, indulgent, generous and authentic character, synonym of loving care for the traditional recipes and commitment to the excellence of products and raw materials. A passionate world that conceals and treasures the origin and genuineness of the traditional recipes enriched by the outstanding expertise of Peck chefs, cooks and product experts.
The Peck brand has three locations in the city: Peck Duomo, an Art Nouveau flagship store with a Food Store, a Gastronomic Café, a Wine Cellar, plus a central kitchen and laboratories with more than 2 600 food products; Peck CityLife, a new concept store in the largest urban shopping district in Italy with a gastronomic bistrot and a cocktail bar in a delicatessen shop; Peck Porta Venezia, a neighborhood delicatessen shop and a little retail gem of high gastronomy.

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