Milan offers an array of original pastry shops that will not disappoint. Here is our pick of the best addresses.

A map of these venues follows

Panettone by Cova

1. Cova Milano

One of the most traditional is Cova. One of Milan’s oldest, most historic coffee shops, Cova was patronized by patriots of the Risorgimento. It was here that Giuseppe Verdi and Maria Callas drank their coffee, and here that Milan’s elite and affluent international travellers now meet for lunch or an aperitivo. In addition to a classic panettone, Cova also sells a version with candied pineapple and a typically Milanese version with saffron and raisins soaked in sparkling wine.

Address: via Montenapoleone, 8
GPS: 45.46813, 9.19551
Phone: 02 76005599

A traditional panettone by Biffi
A traditional panettone by Biffi

2. Biffi

Biffi, a mainstay of Milanese pasticceria since 1847, offers this typical Christmas delicacy in its most traditional version.

Address: Corso Magenta, 87
GPS: 45.46585, 9.16609
Phone:  02 48006702

The 'Panettoncino' by Cucchi, a small 100-gram panettone
The 'Panettoncino' by Cucchi, a small 100-gram panettone

3. Cucchi

Another historic venue, which recently celebrated 80 years in the industry, is Cucchi, in Corso Genova. Here, you can find panettone year-round and, although Cucchi favours the classic recipe, other must-tries include the versions with candied apples or cinnamon or candied pears and cinnamon.

Address: Corso Genova, 1
GPS: 45.45848, 9.17762
Phone: 02 89409793

A traditional panettone cake by Sant'Ambroeus

4. Sant'Ambroeus

For the past thirty years, Sant’Ambroeus, in corso Matteotti, has delighted the palates of the Milanese. In addition to the traditional recipe, it also offers made-to-order panettoni, filled with special creams and garnished with festive decorations.

Address: Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 7
GPS: 45.467, 9.19594
Phone: 02 76000540

A decorated panettone by Marchesi 1824
A decorated panettone by Marchesi 1824

5. Marchesi 1824

If you’re looking for an elegant, beautifully wrapped panettone, head to Marchesi 1824. It’s not only totally irresistible, but it comes in a precious velvet, silk-lined box.

Address: Via Monte Napoleone, 9
GPS: 45.46824, 9.19511
Phone: 02 76008238

A beautifully-wrapped panettone by Peck
A beautifully-wrapped panettone by Peck

6. Peck

Peck, Milan’s temple of taste, also offers a traditional version of panettone. The dough is processed for 72 hours before being baked and only prime quality ingredients, including stone-ground wheat germ, Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, candied orange peel and Tuscan acacia honey are used. In addition to the above, they also do several re-imagined versions.

Address: Via Spadari, 9
GPS: 45.46349, 9.18692
Phone: 02 8023161

Wrapped panettone caked by T'a Milano
Wrapped panettone caked by T'a Milano

7. T'a Milano

The Panettoni by T’a Milano, the brand of artisanal chocolates and pastries founded by the Alemagna brothers, are made according to an ancient family recipe, using only natural ingredients. Available in the classic version, with pears and chocolates, without candied fruit or in the new all chocolate version.

Address: Via Clerici, 1
GPS: 45.46629, 9.18764
Phone: 02 87386130

A raisin panettone by Gattullo
A raisin panettone by Gattullo

8. Gattullo

Located just a short distance from the Navigli, another go-to pastry shop is Gattullo, a historic address for Milanese panettone, also available in the ‘del Sultano’ version, with dates and walnuts.

Address: Piazzale di Porta Lodovica, 2
GPS: 45.45218, 9.18586
Phone: 0578 57241

Ernst Knam and a freshly-baked Knam panettone
Ernst Knam and a freshly-baked Knam panettone

9. Knam

German-born, Milanese chocolatier and Bake-Off Italia judge Ernst Knam is renowned for his superlative rendition of Milan’s Christmas treat. His version includes a classic base, enhanced with slivers of chocolate or pears and chocolate. Knam also pays tribute to his country of origin with a Christmas Stollen, a type of German panettone made with marzipan, lemon and rum.

Address: Via Augusto Anfossi, 10
GPS: 45.46009, 9.21031
Phone: 02 55194448

An Italian traditional panettone at Eataly
An Italian traditional panettone at Eataly

10. Others

At the Milanese headquarters of Eataly, in piazza 25 Aprile, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here, you’ll find all shapes and forms of artisanal panettone and pandoro, sourced from small producers. If, on the other hand, you prefer savoury to sweet, your go-to addresses are Lorini, a charming bakery located just steps from Porta Venezia, or Pasticceria Panzera near the Central Station.