UPDATING (December 2022) – The restaurant has definitely been closed.

‘If there were a sea in Milan…’. But, today there’s a taste of the sea in the city thanks to Itti&Co-Pescheria con Cucina. Located just steps from the city’s vibrant Piazza V Giornate, the architectural concept of this fishery with a kitchen – from the mise en place, to the white porcelain walls decorated with marine motifs, mermaids and old-fashioned sailors – transports us to a Mediterranean beach. The locale’s formula is based on that of an urban fishery. Here, guests can admire the fresh fish displayed on the counter and choose how they’d like them cooked – grilled, fried, coated, sautéed or au gratin. Depending on the catch of the day, raw fish enthusiasts can indulge their every whim with sashimi or tartare of salmon, tuna, amberjack and sea bass.

Via E. Morosini, 19
M3 (yellow line) Porta Romana
T: +39 02 49716516

Open Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm and 6.30pm-12am