Mammarà Mediterranean bistrot in Porta Nuova districtMammarà, a typical expression of Mediterranean cuisine, is a new bistro in Milan. A new opening in the heart of Porta Nuova, not far from the skyscrapers of future-oriented Milan. An elegant Italian-style bistro where tradition looks to the future.

Christian Busca, a Piedmontese-born but Sicilian-adopted Chef with his future-inspired cooking, is always on the lookout for quality ingredients and creative ideas. Simple but refined dishes, always created with just three ingredients: “Tuna, Panelle and Bagna Caoda”, “Plin Calamari and Dried Tomatoes”, “Red Prawn, Foie Gras and Figs” are some of the delicacies that can be enjoyed in a warm and welcoming environment with a contemporary design that however still reminds of ancient Sicilian homes. The wine list is also impressive, as is the cocktail menu, curated by bar manager Andrea Boscolo.
Dinner with friends at the central counter (15 seats available) is a truly unmissable experience among friends: here the Chef and his brigade interact directly with customers, by offering them impromptu gourmet tastings.

Mammarà Mediterranean bistrot in Porta Nuova district