After the success of its three restaurants in Naples, the mozzarella-based format of Muu Muuzzarella has opened the doors of its first restaurant in Milan, located at no. 23 via Sanzio, just steps from Corso Vercelli. Its menu, which includes a vast array of gluten-free recipes and vegetarian options, pays tribute to the Neapolitan tradition and is based on the key ingredient of DOP Buffalo mozzarella from the region of Campania, paired with raw and cooked meat, fish and vegetables. Highlights include ‘Pesto e Mela’ – featuring mozzarella slices, apple and basil pesto -, tuna tartare with DOP mozzarella cuts, as well as desserts such as the iconic TiramiMuu (a reinterpretation of the traditional tiramisu, served into a coffee moke and made with buffalo cream), as well as the Muu cheese cake, prepared with buffalo milk and ricotta cheese.

Via Raffaello Sanzio, 23
M1 (red line) Wagner
T: +39 02 48010007 (in Italian)