A corner of Normandy in Milan. At this new oyster bar, inspired by the typical oyster and seafood kiosks in the north of France, you’ll dine in an intimate, cozy atmosphere whilst sitting on informal stools. There’s a large block of ice, in the middle of the room, around which the locale’s expert oystermen move, accompanying guests on a tasting journey featuring over 20 varieties of oysters from all over the world, plus a vast assortment of seafood and crustaceans, including boulot, razor shells, goose barnacles, sea urchins, cockles, mussels, sea truffles, American clams, scallops, red prawns, shrimp, lobster, blue lobster, king crab and edible crab. The well-stocked cellar features over 70 labels of Italian and international wines and champagnes.

Via Archimede, 12
M1 (red line) San Babila
T: +39 02 27018937

Open Mon-Sun 6.30pm-12noon