On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Chef Tommaso Arrigoni‘s Innocenti Evasioni restaurant changes location and moves to the Bovisa district, just opposite the Politecnico. A Michelin star for 14 years, his elegant and down-to-earth cuisine is inspired by the great dishes of Italian and Milanese tradition. The menu is inspired by a culinary culture that is enhanced with constant improvements, using modern techniques and excellent raw materials. The new location is a contemporary, recently built, airy and bright place, surrounded by large windows overlooking a splendid and spacious tree-lined garden, a fitting setting in which to revive the restaurant. The ambience is further enhanced by designer chandeliers and contemporary artwork.
A contemporary restaurant also in its content: attentive to sustainability, to the circularity of products (with its own vegetable garden) and to anti-waste policies.