Just a few steps from the Duomo, there is a new address for gourmet palates: Mar’è-Il Buon Gusto. Ideal for both a business lunch and an intimate dinner, for corporate events or important anniversaries, Mar’è offers gourmet menus with fish as the (almost) absolute protagonist.

Smoking, fermentation, marinating and molecular cuisine are among the techniques developed in recipes studied in every detail by chef Stefano Cuccu, to create dishes that enhance fish as a raw material and surprise the palate.
Fifty-two years old of Sardinian origin, Cuccu took the reins of the kitchen this year,
bringing with him all the experience gained travelling the world (USA, England, Japan,
Australia, New Zealand) among gourmet and starred kitchens. A wealth of knowledge of ingredients, raw materials, processing techniques, combined with passion, study
and continuous experimentation that make his gastronomic proposal a ‘global’ fusion
cuisine influenced by his Sardinian roots and Italian tradition.
At Mar’è-Il Buon Gusto, gourmets, pampered and served with care and professionalism,
can enjoy a gastronomic proposal made only of excellence under the banner of an
undeniable attention to the environment and sustainability. The menu follows the rhythm of the seasons and also varies daily depending on the catch, with some signature dishes that must be tried and that are also a delight for the eyes.

Stefano Cuccu, Mar'è-Il Buon Gusto
Stefano Cuccu

Other signature dishes on the menu all year round are the Potatoes gnocchi pasta, sea urchin butter, prawns tartar and buffalo stracciatella cream, Traditional “riso al salto” served with Porcini Mushrooms and langoustine tartare, Langoustine wrapped in pancetta, Sea bream tartare, gazpacho, buffalo stracciatella cream, anchovies, as well as the bread, breadsticks, focaccias, crackers, desserts and small pastries offered at the end of the meal. Accompanying everything is a wide selection of French champagnes, Italian bubbles and wines selected to be a perfect match for the dishes on the menu.

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