Al Mercato Steaks & Burgers, the historic Milanese meat brand, triples its presence in the city with a new restaurant in the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova and expands its gastronomic offer with the Al Mercato Street format, where the protagonist is street food with a gourmet twist. A new place to be for meat lovers and more.

The Al Mercato Steaks & Burgers brand is characterised by French-influenced cuisine and inspired by the famous American steakhouses. This new venue is flanked by a space where guests’ palates can be delighted with a range of street food dishes of Asian, North and South American, and vegan origin. An absolute novelty for Milan.

The Al Mercato Steaks & Burgers new proposal
Meat continues to play a leading role on the menu, but is accompanied by a rich selection of vegetarian dishes. It starts with dishes that tell the story of Al Mercato, such as Chicken Tandori Yakitori, Tuna Tataki Cannoli, Carne Salada and Pickles or Grilled Octopus and Prawns in Fish Gazpacho, and continues with the great classics that embody the essence of Chef Eugenio Roncoroni‘s cuisine: the famous Paté en Croute, Foie Gras Torchon and Roast Sweetbreads. The On Fire section features a vegetarian selection – including the Baked Potatos, the Parmigiana “Al Mercato” and the Fennel Variation and Crispy Piglet. There are also Burgers, Sandwiches and Sides, and finally the new desserts: Blueberry Pie, Key Lime Pie and Cream Ice Cream with Goat’s Milk.

Al Mercato Street: street food in a gourmet key
In a fascinating journey of taste, the Deli Burger, Chicken Burger and Hot Dog transport customers to North America. With Tacos in three versions, Burritos and the iconic Cuban Sandwich, the flavours of South America are explored. Egg Ramen with soup (tonkatsu pork broth) or buckwheat broth, Gyoza, Stir-fried Brown Rice with Soya Beans and Chicken Yakitori take you to Asia. There is also an entirely “veggie” section with dishes such as the Veg Deli Burger, Meatballs and Nuggets.