Pescheria Spadari selects the best fish products on the market every day, guaranteeing maximum quality and freshness. Its products of excellence include a wide variety of fresh and genuine fish together with fine national and international preserves. The store in Via Santa Maria Valle has represented the history of the sea and its products in Milan for over 85 years and has also been recognised as a “Bottega Storica” (“Historical Workshop”).
As in the shops of yesteryear, the new boutique is a place where one can feel at home from morning to night, thanks also to the new bar service, active from breakfast to aperitif, and the new spacious dehors.
In the Lunch Bistro it is possible to consume products directly from the counter to the kitchen, where the chef prepares new dishes with ever-changing products depending on the catch of the day. There is no shortage of classics revisited in a smart & gourmet version, ideal for a lunch that combines the delicacy of fish with the tastiest Mediterranean dishes.
Thanks to a highly qualified staff, expert hands artfully process the fish selected in the shop by customers or purchased through the Online Shop: professional cutting and filleting services are offered, as well as special processing for specific recipes best suited to enhance the raw material.