A synergy between trattoria and cocktail bar make Classico a new reality among the city’s restaurants, in the context of old Milan. On the one hand, the cuisine enhances regional recipes with references to the Mediterranean tradition; on the other, the offer for drink lovers ranges from the great classics of mixing to new and original signature cocktails. Classico is a place that in the evening becomes a romantic corner illuminated by warm lights, with a large internal garden in Art Nouveau style, deco details and velvet that tell of an elegant lounge.

The cuisine is full of dishes of memory, linked to the table from North to South, such as “Pappardella ruvida with courtyard ragout and goat’s milk”. Signature dishes include “Maritozzo with pork stew and cabbage in raspberry vinegar” or “Mallard, medlar chutney and chard”.  Finally, in the menus designed by the young chef, there is never a lack of references to Roman recipes, such as the “Linguine Gerardo di Nola Cacio e pepe with sea urchins and lemon”.

The great mixing classics, proposed with creative twists, accompany guests from aperitif time to dinner. All home-made preparations such as extracts and syrups are also made using food waste (favouring, for example, faba water to make sour drinks instead of traditional egg whites). Classico’s drink list is a dedication to the world of music, an inspiration in the creation of its blends. Among the drinks to try are “I am a rock”, a twist on the Moscow mule where sweet and spicy tease the palate thanks to the combination of a carrot extract and ginger beer, or “Long Long Long” with chamomile syrup and pink pepper mixed with Belvedere Vodka and Aperol.