Altezza Duomo

What do you do if you’re in Milan and want to blend in with the locals indulging in the ritualistic Aperitivo hour? This is not as easy as it seems, because practically all venues offer truly great settings. Two, go-to addresses, located in Milan’s highly central piazza Duomo, where you can drink a fabulous glass of bubbly and feel like a real Milanese local, are the new restaurant Altezza Duomo (only in Italian) and Signorvino. The former is a modern location with an old-world vibe where guests can pair more than 7,000 labels with the specialties prepared by starred chef Luca Marchini (entrance from Piazza Duomo 21, 2nd floor), while the latter, located right behind the  Duomo, is a pleasant bistro cum wine bar that also has another branch in via Dante. Both of Signorvino’s venues boast stylish, contemporary spaces where wine takes centre stage, and where a ‘wine manager’, who deals with sales, is always on hand to offer connoisseurs or amateurs his expertise  and advice.

Gianni Valveri, owner of La Briciola

In Brera, for years, N’Ombra de Vin and the La Briciola restaurant (via Marsala 2 – corner of via Solferino) have been the favourite haunts of A-listers and celebrities. VIP-watching is guaranteed at both places! For those in search of a more romantic spot, we suggest the Hotel Château Monfort, which is famous for its ‘Cella di Bacco’ wine bar (see main picture). This is not simply a cellar, but a place where you can indulge in a one-of-a-kind tasting experience thanks to its fabulous selection of Italian wines. Here, the undisputed star is Venissa, producing less than 4,000 bottles a year created for connoisseurs and collectors throughout the world. Their wine is produced in Venice’s lagoon area from a rare white grape called Dorona, a varietal that was cultivated for centuries and then almost disappeared, until it was lovingly restored by the Bisol family in 2002. Our list of addresses ends with La Malmaison, a venue located just outside the centre that offers customers a cosy, welcoming atmosphere and a top-notch cellar.
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