Where to find the best Fiorentina steaks in Milan? Though the Florentine steak is a traditional dish from the city of Florence, Milan features a number of restaurant offering the original t-bone steak recipe made of top quality meat cuts. Check our selection!

A map of these venues follows

What is a Fiorentina steak?

Before choosing where to try it, getting to know what a “Florentine-style” steak means is mandatory. Fiorentina is a particular meat cut, a part of the loin near the backbone which has a bone in the middle. It should be grilled at a very high temperature, so that a fine crust forms rapidly on the meat and its inner parts remain almost rare. The proper Florentine-style steaks should be at least 3 or 4-cm-thick, with a weight between 1.2 kg and 1.5 kgs.

La Cucina de' Mibabbo

Set within a modern and welcoming atmosphere where exposed brick walls, wrought iron, wood and glass interact with each other at La Cucina de’ Mibabbo pays tribute to the most authentic Tuscan cuisine. Traditional dishes prepared with genuine ingredients from Tuscany are served alongside creations enhanced by a creative twist and innovative cooking techniques. Fiorentina is made from fine Scottona meat, cooked over vegetal charcoal and accompanied by a selection of flavoured coarse salt and grilled vegetables. Those wishing to try a more creative version of Florentine steak can opt for its Tomahawk version, cooked for five hours with sous vide cooking and then roasted in the oven.
Open Mon-Fri 12.30pm-3pm and 7.30pm-12am. Sat 7.30pm-12am. Closed on Sunday

Inside La Cucina de' Mibabbo
Inside La Cucina de' Mibabbo

Address: Corso Lodi 19, angolo Via Lazzaro Papi
Public Transport: M3 (yellow line) Porta Romana
T: +39 02 45488997

Osteria Fiorentina

Located in the vibrant Tortona district, as the name suggest Osteria Fiorentina recalls the traditional settings and flare of the old Tuscan tavern. Here, amidst rustic furnishing and exposed brick walls mixed and matched by period photos, traditional Tuscan cuisine takes centre stage, with a particular focus on meat-based specialities and, of course, on Fiorentina steaks. Meat cuts are cooked according to the traditional technique with the use of local top quality ingredients.
Open Mon-Sat 12.30pm-3pm and 7.30pm-11.30pm. Closed on Sunday

A Florentine-style steak at Osteria Fiorentina
A Florentine-style steak at Osteria Fiorentina

Address: via Tortona, 28
Public Transport: M2 (green line) Porta Genova FS
T: +39 02 89421512

Trattoria Torre di Pisa

There is nothing more traditional than this. In the heart of the artsy Brera district, five windows overlooking the tiny cobbled via Fiori Chiari welcome guests to Trattoria Toscana Torre di Pisa, an institution in the city since 1959 acknowledged as an “Historical Shop”. Sat in a simple, feel-at-home atmosphere with paintings and antique pictures, as well as old-style wood chairs and table guests can enjoy a selection of Tuscan starters, pasta dishes and soups. Fiorentina is always available and – as it is customary in Florence – it is paid by the weight and cooked according to age-old techniques.
Open daily.

The entrance to Trattoria Toscana Torre di Pisa
The entrance to Trattoria Toscana Torre di Pisa

Address: Via Fiori Chiari, 21/5
Public Transport:  M2 (green line) Lanza
T: +39 02 874877