By Stefania Vida
Sheraton Diana Majestic: a blend of tradition and innovation, a reference point for international hospitality and a meeting place for the Milan for more than one century

Sheraton Diana Majestic - the Lobby
Mr Cellerino (Hotel Manager) and Maria Vittoria Lucchese (Marketing Manager, Milan area) with the staff in the Lobby

Between past and present

Crossing the threshold of the hotel Diana is like taking a trip back into the history of Milan. In fact, just few hotels in the city are able to boast such a longstanding tradition.

Giovanni Callerino - Manager of Sheraton Diana Majestic
Giovanni Callerino in the lobby area

As explained by the Hotel Manager, Giovanni Cellerino, since the very beginning the “Diana” has represented a reference point for art, culture and fashion in Milan. Steeped in history, it offers all the allure of its time-honoured past, cutting-edge technology, comfort and the glamour of vibrant, quietly hip atmospheres.

“The Diana is a property of longstanding tradition, situated in the heart of the city’s business and luxury shopping district. Our Art Nouveau building, boasting a large, charming private garden, combines traditional architecture with state-of-the-art design and a young, trendy atmosphere, a real living room!”


More than a century of history

Bagni Diana as it was in the past. It opened in 1842.

Telling the story of the Diana means taking a trip back in time. It means talking about the habits of Milan’s partygoing elite who chose this hotel as one of the best and favorite meeting places.
It all began in 1842 when the ‘Bagni Diana’ the first public Italian swimming pool – officially opened in the area known today as Porta Venezia.

In 1904, the Hotel Diana – yet another innovative addition to the city’s burgeoning landscape, because it was actually the city’s first purpose-built luxury hotel – was built around the spaces hosting the swimming pool.
In short, since the very beginning innovation and a forward-looking approach have been a part of the Diana’s DNA, still renowned today for its longstanding tradition of excellence and Milanese hospitality.

 A meeting place

Hotel Diana: indoor dining and aperitivo area.
 Where Milan journalist Stefania Vida has a talk with Mr Cellerino and Ms Lucchese.

The Diana is distinguished by its ‘two souls’: almost obsessive, old-world attention to making guests feel welcome and a hipper, more trendy side that makes it a sought-after meeting place for Milanese trendsetters.

On entering its lobby, guests will find themselves immersed in an atmosphere that is both welcoming and modern. In fact, quite some effort has gone into making it effortlessly cool thanks to a careful selection of beautiful design objects, that change every two years.

In fact, it comes as no surprise that one of Milan’s most famous aperitivo haunts is located right here at the h club >diana, the ideal spot to meet in Milan!

Aperitivo time in Milan

Whether you’re looking for the perfect breakfast to start your day, a light lunch consisting of locally sourced produce, one of the hottest aperitivo spots in the centre to meet with friends or simply a brunch with your family, the h club >diana is your destination in the city. Starting from 7pm join the viby Milanese scene to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the club and its rich menu of drinks and cocktails!

Hotel Diana: one of the outdoor dining and aperitivo areas

A combination of a convivial atmosphere, trendy music, original cocktails and a clientele that includes A-listers in the world of fashion, design and art, have made it one of the most famous locations in the city for Milan’s ritualistic Happy Hour.
The bartenders here know their stuff  and you’ll enjoy seeing them whip up bespoke cocktails and non-alcoholic variations, accompanied by a wonderful all-you-can-eat buffet of light, tasty delicacies designed to satisfy even the most discerning customers.

Diana for Expo

It’s ongoing quest for innovation and its forward-looking attitude  obviously led us to ask how the Diana is gearing up for the eagerly-awaited appointment with Expo 2015 “a huge opportunity for Milan and all of us”, says Giovanni Cellerino, who kindly offered us a sneak preview of the events being planned. “We’re organizing various projects in collaboration with Milanese institutions and cultural bodies. The Diana will thus become a space dedicated to the avant-gardes featuring temporary and permanent exhibitions showcasing the work of young creatives from the world of fashion and design, but not only!”

The guest, first and foremost

The Diana’s point of pride is its staff’s intuitive approach to guests’ needs (the Manager actually specifies that he is not here simply referring to customers staying at the hotel).

“We focus particular attention on all types of guests, from businessmen who stay here regularly, to the Milanese who stop by to enjoy an aperitivo with friends or families who drop in for our Sunday brunch (children included, thanks to our ‘Kids Brunch’).

Sheraton Diana Majestic, the Garden

What we want is to make the Diana “The place to be”. Bearing this in mind, we strive to make sure that everyone finds exactly what they are looking for, we want our guests to feel completely at home.”

The hotel offers guests an array of services, guaranteed by the professionalism and excellent personable service of it staff who go out of their way to please guests: from the concierge who is the first person that the guest meets to the housekeepers, each and every member of its staff is committed to offering a unique service.
“It’s important for us to manage to build and maintain a rapport with our clientele, which allows us to understand them better and anticipate their every need, in order to offer them a truly unique experience.”

A green oasis in the city

If you dream of waking up in a lush, scented garden then the Hotel Diana is just what  you’re looking for!  In fact, whatever the season, its gorgeous garden offers a breathtaking view. It’s obviously at its best in spring and summer when, thanks to warmer temperatures, you can relax in its comfortable armchairs or settees and soak up the atmosphere, possibly while sipping one of its absolutely fabulous evening aperitivi.

Viale Piave, 42
M1 (red line) Porta Venezia


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