Hotel Ville sull'Arno, FlorenceAround a 3 hour drive from Milan, just a stone’s throw from the historic centre of Florence, Ville sull’Arno offers itself as a unique model of hospitality:
a historic dwelling in the city, featuring a swimming pool and lush gardens, overlooking the banks of the Arno. This 5-star boutique hotel, formerly the residence of Florentine aristocracy including the family of revered poet Dante Alighieri, is the result of a meticulous conservation and redevelopment project. An expression of different eras, today the three Villas offer guests a glamorous riverside retreat. The hotel is owned by Italian hotel chain Planetaria Hotels.
Ville sull’Arno Relax Resort (5 stars)
Lungarno Cristoforo Colombo, 1/3/5
T: +39 055 670971