Casa Manzoni is the home of the writer Alessandro Manzoni, second in Italian literature only to Dante, where he lived for about sixty years until his tragic death in 1873. This magnificent palace in the centre of Milan was beautifully restored in the 1960s, when the Museo Manzoniano was inaugurated. Fifty years later, to coincide with Expo 2015, a new renovation was completed with the intention of not only offering a more extensive exhibition itinerary, but also of making Casa Manzoni an even more lively cultural centre open to scholars and visitors. Today, its wonderful interiors are still well preserved, including all the original furnishings. The museum also boasts a large library with over 30,000 books including the complete works of Manzoni himself and houses the Centro Nazionale di Studi Manzoniani.
The museum itinerary is designed by Michele De Lucchi and proposes a tour of Casa Manzoni in ten sections, which retrace, through the furnishings and works of art displayed in the rooms, different itineraries in the life and work of the writer. From his family to his portraits, from the landscapes of his novel to his passion for botany, from his friends to the writers who took him as a model, from the bedroom – left as he left it – to the room in which “I Promessi Sposi” novel were born.
Ticket: 8 euro (reduced 5 euro).

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Casa Manzoni facade