Over 70 attractions inviting visitors to play with science, psychology, biology, mathematics and physics, put together into an itinerary conceived to shock and entertain: this, and more, is the Museo delle Illusioni (Museum of Illusions). Based on an international format created in 2015 by Rodo Zivkovic in Zagreb, the Milanese seat of the museum is located just a short distance from Milan’s Centrale Railway Station.

Among the featured attractions, visitors can admire a colour room, the Ames Room with distorted effects to enable guests to experience visual illusions, a Rotated Room to play with the imagination and perfect from impressive Instagram shots, an Infinity Room featuring full-height mirrored walls and an Anti-Gravity Room full of illusions and puzzles. Other highlights of this unconventional museum include the Vortex Tunnel, a “True Mirror“, a Clone Table, a special Kaleidoscope to play with colours and shapes, a “Head on the platter” installation, the Rubin’s Vase set, the Beuchet Chair Illusion, a Hollow Face Illusion, a Turntables consisting in black and white patterns that create kinetic optical illusions, photo and optical illusions, as well as Holograms, to challenge the imagination.
The museum’s ticket office is open from Monday to Friday. At weekends, tickets are only available online.

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