A Sentimental Survey by Francesco Vezzoli

Fondazione Prada – the cultural hub devoted to contemporary art – is launching its brand-new digital project “Love Stories – A Sentimental Survey by Francesco Vezzoli” on 4 May 2020 on its official Instagram account. The project curated by Eva Fabbris enables the artist to explore the emotional, love and psychological status of the online community through the use of social media. According to this vision, the survey feature on the Instagram stories is used to experiment a new way of sharing ideas, visions and thoughts on various themes such as identity, love, sex, loneliness, belonging and on the future.

What’s in the digital project?

The digital project is made of over 50 questions conceived by Francesco Vezzoli, which are associated with images. The various Instagram users are asked to select one of the two options featured in each story and the answers will be gathered to become part of a large survey. Each week, the surveys are set to follow some themed clusters inspired by masterpieces by great Italian composers such as Vincenzo Bellini, Giacomo Puccini, Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi, as well as a tribute to Pasolini. At the end of every week, the results of the surveys are commented by famous personalities from the world of culture, art, fashion, cinema, tv and communication through the use of texts, videos or other creative means of communication to create a portrait of the people’s opinions in these complicated days.

The surveys can be enjoyed from 4 may 2020 on Fondazione Prada’s Instagram account.
For additional information, please check www.fondazioneprada.org