Located in the eighteenth-century Palazzo Moriggia within the Brera district of Milan, the Risorgimento Museum tells the story about the unification of the Kingdom of Italy with a permanent collection of prints, paintings, sculptures, drawings, weapons and other memorabilia. Besides having the very first Italian flag located here, the Risorgimento Museum houses what is said to be one of Italy’s most important archives depicting Italy’s rich national history.
What’s on – heare are organized events and temporary exhibitions about the Italian history, check the museum calendar.
Open Tues-Sun 9am-1pm/2pm-5.30pm. Full admission price is 2€ and is free for children under 18 and every Friday afternoon.

Via Borgonuovo, 23
M2 Lanza, M3 Montenapoleone
T: +39.02.88464177