The Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology has been enriched with a new cultural and exhibition offering, making its Study Collections (Collezioni di Studio) accessible for the first time. The project, which began in 2020, is the result of a reorganisation of the storage areas in the Airship Pavilion, in order to transform them into areas open to the public.
Collezioni di Studio was conceived as a living, constantly evolving environment where different experiences and skills are interwoven. The over 7,800 items are gathered in a large space covering an area of 2,800 square metres.

For the first time, the Collezioni di Studio (Study Collections) make it possible to discover thousands of objects from Italy’s scientific and technological heritage from the last two centuries, spanning from objects used for sport and recreation, scientific research instruments from exceptional contexts, everyday objects from past eras, ancestors of technologies that populate our homes or technical devices normally only visible to insiders and world-famous highlights of technical history. Highlights include the record-breaking Vespa, Lallement’s bicycle, the Cray supercomputer, Marcella Pedone’s cameras or Giulio Natta’s laboratory equipment.

From 24 July until 28 August 2021 guided tours of the storerooms for small groups are available every Saturday at 11.30 am.