The new headquarters of the Fondazione Luigi Rovati opened on 6 July 2022, in the historic building at Corso Venezia 52 in front of the Indro Montanelli Gardens. The complex, which underwent a major renovation started in 2017 by MCA-Mario Cucinella Architects, includes the garden with the Pavilion, the Lecture Hall, the Study Hall, the Johan&Levi Museum Shop, the Café-bistrot and the gastronomic restaurant of chef Andrea Aprea.
From September, the new art museum opens to the public, a new cultural centre with a strong social impact. A central element of the complex restoration of the Palazzo, consisting of seven floors, two of which are underground, this museum houses the Luigi Rovati Foundation’s Etruscan collection. The main floor, on the other hand, is designed as a museum space where contemporary works can be exhibited in dialogue with archaeological finds. The other floors of the building house the functions related to the museum’s activities: the offices, study room, conference room, temporary exhibition spaces and storage for the collections.

The Fondazione Luigi Rovati, a scientific-cultural institution founded in 2016 and named after the doctor, researcher and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Luigi Rovati, goes beyond the traditional concept of a museum that displays art exhibitions, but aims to be a place for thought, experimentation and sharing: a space to be experienced as an integral part of the city’s cultural fabric.