Where®Milan met Fiorenzo Galli, the Managing Director of the Museum of Science and Technology who told us about the latest innovations at this landmark site of Milanese culture.
What are the strong points of the Museum?

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We boast a collection of approximately 17,000 historical items: a display that is important in terms of both its diversity and the number of artefacts exhibited. Other on-site facilities include a research centre (which also offers training courses for teachers), a centre devoted to the restoration of historical-scientific objects and 13 laboratories, without obviously forgetting the important work carried out by our 130 members of staff. We pay particular attention to our visitors by offering them different itineraries based on their specific interests and the time at their disposal. Our multi-lingual guides (9 languages spoken) are always on-hand to provide assistance and we also offer an App for Android.
What are the top 10 ‘must-sees’ at the Museum?
It’s difficult to choose, but I would definitely say the Enrico Toti submarine (which we acquired in 2005 and which has now become the symbol of the museum), the air and sea pavilion featuring the Conte Biancamano transatlantic liner (we’re talking about roughly 1,000 tons of steel), the Ebe schooner-brig (the largest vessel hosted in a museum in Italy) and Luna Rossa. I would also recommend the new Le Cavallerizze pavilion, the Leonardo da Vinci collection of models, the moonstone, the UA1 detector, the Regina Margherita thermoelectric power station, the Stassano furnace, our collection of locomotives and Enrico Forlanini’s experimental helicopter. The Science Museum is a venue with a storied past projected towards the future.
What are your next challenges?
Triennale exhibition at Le Cavallerizze

We can justifiably describe ourselves as an ‘ongoing start up’, we never stop and, what’s more we have numerous projects in the pipeline. We have just opened the new, recently refurbished Cavallerizze area (currently hosting several exhibitions of Milan’s XXI Triennale International Exhibition). Alternately, in July, we will be opening the new section dedicated to the history and discoveries made by Cern of Geneva. It will be a permanent exhibition, featuring objects and interactive systems that explore the evolutionary history of Cern. At the end of the year, we will also have a new area dedicated to steel, with particular reference to Dalmine, the historic, Bergamo-based company as well as a new green space covering a surface area of approximately 5,000 sq.m.
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