Adriana Fernández, the Colombian designer who has led the slow fashion brand that bears her name for more than 20 years, has landed in Italy thanks to Coin. Contemporary elegance, quality raw materials and sustainability are mixed in the timeless collections signed by the designer. Her approach to fashion is driven by a glocal spirit, in which inspiration is born in the vibrant Colombian atmospheres: production is kilometer zero, but the design vision is global with a measured, elegant, cosmopolitan style.
The brand’s contemporary style comes from natural and eco-friendly fabrics purchased in Europe and, in particular Italy, and processed in Colombia by a network of seamstresses selected according to a criterion of human sustainability. It is an elegant, demanding and socially inserted woman who wants to feel good and loves to enjoy the pleasures of life that the designer is inspired by. The garments interpret this imagery through models designed with great skill to return a sophisticated image, in which clean lines and soft tones, proposed exclusively as solid colors, are the result of cultured and careful work. Genderless pieces are also featured in the collection.