Founded in Milan in 2013, the Rubeus brand is synonymous with exclusive “works of art” in the form of jewellery, bags, shoes and perfumes, made from luxury materials that make them true treasures. Unique pieces for an exclusive clientele seeking sublime luxury. The Latin name “Rubeus” pays tribute to the precious ruby jewel, with its lively colour and symbol of passion; Milan is the name-logo of the city where the Russian designer (and CEO of the brand) Nataliya Bondarenko wanted to create her new lines of exclusive products inspired by Italian artistic tradition and luxury fashion.

Rare materials and fabulous gems make up the soul of each Rubeus piece, skilfully designed by Nataliya Bondarenko, who is passionate about Italian design and culture. Since its inception, Rubeus has always shown its flair, playfulness and originality in its positioning in the luxury market, collaborating hand in hand with the world’s best artisans and craftsman to showcase and honour the Italian legacy in luxury and design. In fact, design is at the heart of the Rubeus philosophy: in the unique pieces designed by Nataliya and her team, visual style is fused with rare and extraordinary precious gems and exotic materials.

For the creation of fine jewellery, Rubeus collaborates with ateliers and designers from Place Vendome, gem cutters and world-renowned craftsmen who use the finest rare stones and precious metals available, combined with meticulous workmanship.
The bags, with their bold yet timeless lines, offer the choice of exotic, fine and rare leather, gemstones and trimmings in an unlimited spectrum of colours and hues. This makes them collector’s items meticulously handcrafted to meet the demands of the most discerning customer.
The haute couture collections, produced in collaboration with the Luigi Bevilacqua fabric workshop in Venice, dictate new lines characterised by bold colours and unique playfulness.
Haute parfumerie is “dressed” in the style and precious materials of the Rubeus brand. Working with Givaudan, the world’s leading fragrance company, Nataliya Bondarenko has created exclusive fragrances; the latest arrival, at the end of 2021, “The Gardens of Venice” draws its inspiration from the beautiful city’s hidden green gems.