The independent haute horlogerie brand HYT has landed at the Pisa Orologeria Flagship Store in Via Verri, exclusively for Italy. Born in 2012, HYT immediately attracted the watchmaking community with its manufacture calibres that combine mechanical virtuosity and cutting-edge fluidic technology. This unique combination allows for a hybrid presentation of time encapsulated in a striking contemporary design.

“We are always looking for brands that can captivate our clientele”- comments Chiara Pisa, CEO of Pisa Orologeria. “Ours is an ongoing and necessary entrepreneurial challenge, and welcoming HYT among the more than 30 brands we represent enhances our esprerience and consulting activities that have always distinguished us.”
“It is a great pleasure for HYT to return to Italy and to do so with a partner that has always been a symbol of excellence in watchmaking. The new design of our futuristic and spectacular watches, the use of high-tech and performance materials, the use of vivid colors and the virtuoso use of luminescence make HYT the perfect brand for the Italian audience made up of passionate experts and deep connoisseurs of beauty open to all that is avant-garde.” comments Davide Cerrato, CEO of HYT.

In 2012, the HYT watch brand created a buzz within the watchmaking community with its hybrid mechanical-fluidic technology allowing the time to be displayed using fluids. This unique module is driven by a manufactured mechanical movement. HYT thus combines mechanical virtuosity and avant-garde technology.
In 2021, Kairos Technology Switzerland SA took over all the assets of HYT and appointed Davide Cerrato as CEO. This veteran of the watchmaking industry, with a track record of success with brands such as Panerai, Tudor and Montblanc/Minerva, has accepted this new challenge.