Since 1975, the jewelry designed by Angela Caputi Giuggiù has been synonymous with design, innovation and creativity. Featuring a blend of art and fashion, her creations are characterized by a continuously evolving creative process. Also known by the nickname Giuggiù, the Florentine designer has become a byword across the globe. For more than forty years, countless sources of inspirations have stimulated and continue to stimulate the designer including, first and foremost, her love of 20th-century American movies. Each piece is assembled by hand in full respect of tradition and the true concept of Made-in-Italy craftsmanship. The combination of typical working techniques and the use of modern materials, including synthetic resins, makes these objects authentic expressions of contemporary art.

New trends of the season

Inspired by a desire for innovation, the Florentine designer welcomes summer with ‘Anniversary’ and ‘Edelweiss’, two new lines from her 2019 spring/ summer collection. Designed to celebrate the long history of the brand, the former, featuring contrasting colours, including black and white, combined with veining and striations, pays tribute to the simple but never banal designs that have distinguished Angela Caputi’s signature style since the very beginning. Thanks to the different renderings of working techniques and the use of colours on materials, each piece of jewellery is unique and unlike any other. On the other hand, the Edelweiss collection, with its floral pattern, encapsulates a symbolic message. Interpreted in the optical white version, in addition to evoking Alpine landscapes, the Alpine star symbolizes women who tactfully combat the battles of everyday life without ever relinquishing their refinement, elegance or femininity.

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M2 (green line) Lanza
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Open Tue-Sat 10am-1pm and 2.30pm-7.30pm.