UPDATING (December 2022) – The location in Via Santa Marta has definitely been closed.

NEW OPENING! Mediterranean, modern, creative, vegetarian, organic and light: this is The Boidem, a new foodie address in the city.
falafel-the-boidemLocated in the heart of Milan, just a stone’s throw from the Duomo, this characteristic bistrot offers a new gastronomic take on Israeli street food. You can choose from either an à la carte menu or various themed options: “da lavoro pesante” (extremely filling), “da re” (featuring a slew of delicacies and dips) or “da principesse” (nourishing, light and elegant).
Everything here is homemade: its bread, its sauces, its vegetables, either pickled in oil or in brine, its fruit preserves and even its aromatic herbs which are grown in its small private garden.
The Boidem concept-storeHowever, The Boidem is not just about food. In fact, its name in Yiddish means “attic”, i.e. a place brimming over with things just waiting to be discovered. Hence, the location is also a brightlycoloured concept store where everything on view is for sale: not only furnishings and tableware but also a wide selection of clothing and accessories made by Israeli designers, for a creative, unconventional shopping experience.
Its music, also Made in Israel, is a fusion of rock, gypsy and pop and features some real “gems”, including Monti Fiori, a Tel Aviv group that serves up a mix of Italian songs (as a tribute to the origins of its leader, Itamar Fintzi) à la San Remo 1960, upgraded with a humorous twist.
Opening time Sun-Fri 11am-11pm.

Via Santa Marta, 3
M1-M3 Duomo
T: +39 02 39465268

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