NEW OPENING –  Lovers of iconic books and catalogues, small design objects, fragrances and objet d’art can find a new go-to address is the new Bottega Brera bookshop at the Pinacoteca di Brera. Here, the revolution undertaken by its director James Bradburne continues to make waves. Items on sale include postcards, guidebooks and books, but also unique object d’arts like the limited edition dish designed specifically for the Pinacoteca by Fornasetti, a former student of the Brera Academy. Other projects in the pipeline include a cafè scheduled to open at the end of spring 2018.
Tue-Sun 8.30am-7.15pm. Thurs 8.30am-10.15pm.

Via Brera, 28 c/o Pinacoteca di Brera
M2 (green line) Lanza
Phone: +39 02 722631
Official website: