Among the many luxury clothing and haute jewellery stores in Via Sant’Andrea, everybody would be surprised to find such a cozy and familial showroom such as the one launched by Ciccarelli on the 1st of May to promote its new line for the beauty of the skin.

Employees working for Pasta del Capitano production
Monica Pasetti, CEO of Ciccarelli.
Carrying on one’s shoulders more than a century of family company tradition is a very engaging task in this modern world: but when the holder of this heritage is a charming and beautiful lady, wife and mother, difficulties grow. You could not say this meeting Monica Pasetti, chief executive officer of Ciccarelli, the traditional Italian producer of personal care products.
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As you come in, it’s easy to understand that the success of the company rides in parallel to the generations that constitute the Ciccarelli-Pasetti family, whose 150 years of history are narrated with affection by Monica Pasetti, CEO of the group.
In Italy the Ciccarelli’s name recalls something familiar and daily, right as the company itself was born from a typically Italian passion and history. Indeed, we discover that all starts from the Ciccarelli family’s entrenched apothecary tradition and reaches its top thanks to the young Clemente’s military experience, who first foresees the fundamental role of a powerful anti-corn cream for the soldiers’ health. Soon afterwards, the invention of a new toothpaste formula, called Pasta del Capitano in honour of Clemente’s military experience, gets ready to revolutionise the oral hygiene of entire generations.
Needless to say that a good manager’s ability is also owing to his ability to spot the best location in which he can develop a successful activity. And what city is better than Milan for this purpose? In fact his son Nicola first opens three drugstores in Milan and succeeds in widely promoting the products spread, getting able to supply them in more than 70 countries.
Nicola Ciccarelli, former and historical President of the Ciccarelli company
Nicola Ciccarelli, former and historical President of the Ciccarelli company

Even the nowadays’ headquarters of the company, now an out-and-out indutrial reality in which the employees still keep feeling part of a big family, are owed to his work.
At this point it’s not surprising to discover that Nicola, with such a brilliant and resourceful personality, appeared many times as a testimonial in the unforgettable TV advertorial format Carosello to promote his products with actress Giorgia Moll’s bright smile, Made in Pasta del Capitano!
During the same years, his passion for beekeeping leads him to a revolutionary discovery: beeswax, thanks to its nourishing characteristics, can grant a powerful antiage treatment to the skin, becoming an indispensible ally to women. In the end of the Fifties Cera di Cupra® was born and, with its name recalling the Ciccarelly family’s city of origin in Central Italy, gets ready to appear among every women’s cosmetics, handed down from mother to daughter as a ritual of beauty.
Marco Pasetti, today’s Ciccarelli President, at work in the Company in a shot of the Eighties

As well as the success of the products continues from generation to generation, the company keeps growing with Marco Pasetti, nowadays president, his daughter Monica and his son Luca, who daily value their little family treasure.
Today, even keeping unchanged its extremely simple and pure composition, the Ciccarelli products get dressed with a brand-new look. At the showroom in Via Sant’Andrea 17, indeed, Ciccarelli celebrates the coming of Expo in Milan launching the Premium line of Pasta del Capitano 1905, inspired by the first original packaging and The Secret core product of Cera di Cupra® Milano line aiming to be handed down, from generation to generation, exactly as the secret of beauty they hold.

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