NEW OPENING – Located at number 10 corso Magenta, Barberino’s is a new barber shop with an old-timey atmosphere housed in an elegant 18th century building. Its array of services include different types of shaves, facials, manicures, haircuts and lots more to boot, proposed as real rituals of wellbeing. Inside the shop, you will be greeted by its all-green décor, inspired by the luxurious mosaics that characterized the boudoirs of olden-day luxury hotels. Each piece of furniture, from the shell-shaped handles to the profile of its large mirror, have been designed to recreate the atmosphere of early 20th century Italian barber shops. Its chairs, the venue’s hallmark features and the only model of their kind in Milan, were crafted at ‘Gioia’, a historic Catania-based workshop where master craftsmen produce entirely handcrafted chairs for a few select barber shops scattered throughout the world.

Corso Magenta, 10
M1 (red line)- M2 (green line) Cadorna FN