Mikhailov Gallery Italy, milano
Rossella Bezzecchi, director at Mikhailov Gallery Italy with
Mario Boselli, president of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana,
during the opening of the new showroom in Milan.

NEW OPENING – Nestling in the heart of Milan, in via Gesù 17, Mikhail Sasonko from St. Petersburg has opened his first showroom in Italy: the Mikhailov Gallery Italy.
Vladimir Mikhailov is an artist and stonecutter who creates images and symbols for Russian churches and their patriarchs, using an ancient technique that originated in Pskov and Novgorod in the 12th and 13th centuries.
His works of fine sculpture, typical of the Northern School, are deeply spiritual, a feature that is evident in all of his artifacts including crosses, icons, rings, chains, easter eggs, spoons, fantasy objects and exclusive limited edition.
Several models belonging to the collections on sale at the Mikhailov Gallery Italy in via Gesù. Crafted with enamels and precious stones, the refined “Images of Russian Ballet” collection, from jewellery house Sasonko St. Petersburg, features delicately intertwined pieces that mimic the graceful pirouetting of dancers on stage. Today, the artist Tatyana Khromoseyeva combines the workmanship of high-class jewellery with the shapes of classical ballet.
The jewels on the right (Vladimir Mikhailov collection) are a prime example of the iconic line inspired by sacred symbols, where the wonders of Russian culture transpire in jewels that are also objects of art, masterpieces of goldsmithery created with unparalleled craftsmanship in keeping with ancient techniques.

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