NEW OPENING – The historical Piazza San Fedele has been enriched by a brand-new hub for coffee lovers: the first Flagship Store by Lavazza. Based on a project by international architecture studio JHP, the store is designed to celebrate coffee culture in all its different aspects, from the toasting process to the creation of tasty coffee-based drinks to appetizing food recipes, embracing tradition and innovation. Spread over a large surface, the store boasts four different areas set around a central round-shaped counter evocative of the colours of coffee including Coffee Design, where tasty sweet and salty creations are served from breakfast to aperitivo, the Fresh Roasted area celebrating the art of coffeee toasting, a Slow Coffee sector and the cafeteria area. Guests entering the store can also enjoy a vast food offer including both salty and sweet creations featuring favourites from the best of Italian cuisine plus small bite appetizers to titillate the palate. Exclusive, freshly roasted packed coffee blends can be purchased on site upon to single customer’s request.
Piazza San Fedele
M1 (red line) – M3 (yellow line) Duomo

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