The historic Italian company of fine jewelry has opened a store in via Montenapoleone. The space is spread over a 150 sq.m., on two floors, and was designed and curated by Eugenia Bruni, Pasquale’s daughter and the company’s Creative Director, with the aim of celebrating elegance and femininity. The furnishings and floors are designed in pink quartzite,a natural material that is both precious and delicate. The new flagship store is illuminated with silk chandeliers whose lines pay homage to flowers. Like the collections created by this historic company, these too are handmade, a reminder of the influence of nature on the house’s designs. “The architectural columns in gold are inspired by the petals of flowers”, Eugenia tells us. “They are a typical element of our collections, while simultaneously creating an atmosphere reminiscent of sacred places and places of worship” Gold symbolizes strength and prosperity, red passion and life, and pink feminine energy and love”

Via Montenapoleone, 5
M1 (red line) San Babila
T: +39 02 784118

Open daily 10am-7pm